Hi! I'm Elliot Miller

Software Engineer

Mesh Toolkit Release

23 July 2014

The first copy of Mesh Toolkit sold on Unity's third-party asset store, after months of hard work. Mesh Toolkit is an editor extension I wrote back in 2014 for editing assets directly within Unity's game engine.

Datto Software Developer in Test, Co-Op

June - Aug 2018

I worked on a team developing an automated testing platform for the software on Datto's core IRIS hardware line.

Ultimate Software Data Platform Developer, Co-Op

Jan - Apr 2019

I worked on the Java/Scala code base for a project running via Apache Spark on the Hortonworks Data Platform (Hadoop). The project was in progress when I joined, but I added a number of features, as well as UTs, ITs, and Ansible deployment code. For ingest of data, I had to work with both Rabbit and Kafka.

Klaviyo Software Engineer, Co-Op

May - Aug 2019

Working on the Storage Team, I wrote code in Python and Java for data storage and aggregation during my time at Klaviyo using industry-leading big-data technologies including RabbitMQ, Kafka, Flink, Cassandra, and gRPC.

PathAI Software Engineer, Co-Op

Jan - May 2020

I worked to improve a system for executing large machine learning workflows.

Apple Software Engineer, Intern

Jun - Aug 2020

I worked as a Software Engineering Intern.

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